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Enduring the Process in order to Possess the Promise 9.9.22

Series: Back to Our Future

Sermon Title: Enduring the Process in Order to Possess the Promise

Sermon Text: Deut. 1: 6-8

Sermon Points: 4 Things Moses Told them to Remember

  1. Remember the Law (We have to be Word people)

  2. Remember Our God is a Covenant God (He is a faithful. If He started the work, He will complete it.)

  3. Remember Your Past Slavery (so you'll stay humble)

  4. Remember Your Great Deliverance (The Red Sea)


Deut. 8: 7-9

Gen. 13: 14-17

Gen. 15: 2-6; 13-14

Deut. 7: 22-24

Hab. 2:2

Phil. 3:12-14

Deut. 1: 9-18; 19-21

Ps. 19: 7-9

Ps. 1: 1-3

James 4:6

A Deeper Dive

God Promise to Abraham and His Seed

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